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Essay on Pollution for Students and Children

    Essay on Pollution for Students and Children

    1000+ Words Essay on Pollution

    These days, even children are aware of the phrase pollution. It has become so ubiquitous that practically everyone recognises that pollution levels are steadily increasing. Pollution is defined as the presence of any unwanted foreign material in anything. When we speak about pollution on the planet, we’re referring to the poisoning of natural resources caused by numerous contaminants. All of this is mostly due to human activities, which degrade the ecosystem in a variety of ways. As a result, there is an immediate need to address this problem. To put it another way, pollution is wreaking havoc on our planet, and we must recognise and mitigate its impacts. We shall look at the impacts of pollution and ways to minimise it in this pollution essay.

    Effects of Pollution

    Pollution has a much greater impact on the quality of life than most people realise. It operates in complex ways that are often invisible to the human eye. It is, nonetheless, quite prevalent in the environment. The natural gases present in the air, for example, may not be visible, but they are still there. Similarly, toxins that pollute the air and raise carbon dioxide levels are very harmful to people. Global warming will result from increased carbon dioxide levels.

    Furthermore, pollution of the water as a result of industrial growth, religious rituals, and other factors will result in a drinking water crisis. Human existence is impossible without water. Furthermore, the manner in which garbage is placed on land ultimately ends up in the soil, where it becomes poisonous. We will run out of rich soil to raise our food if land contamination continues at this pace. As a result, major steps must be done to decrease pollution at its source.

    Types of Pollution

    • Air Pollution
    • Water Pollution
    • Soil Pollution

    How to Reduce Pollution?

    After learning about the adverse impacts of pollution, the work of avoiding or decreasing pollution should be undertaken as soon as feasible. To decrease automotive smoke and lessen air pollution, individuals can utilise public transportation or carpool. Avoiding firecrackers during festivals and festivities, although difficult, may help to reduce air and noise pollution. Above all, we must make recycling a habit. All spent plastic eventually ends up in the seas and on land, polluting them.

    So, instead of discarding them after each usage, remember to reuse them for as long as possible. We also need to urge everyone to plant more trees, which will absorb dangerous pollutants and purify the air. On a larger scale, the government must restrict the use of fertilisers in order to protect the soil’s fertility. In addition, companies must be prohibited from dumping garbage into seas and rivers, which pollutes the water supply.

    To summarise, all forms of pollution are dangerous and have serious repercussions. From people to industries, everyone must take a step toward change. We must join hands immediately because solving this challenge requires a collaborative effort. Furthermore, such human actions result in the loss of innocent animal life. So, in order to keep our planet pollution-free, we must all take a stance and become a voice for the voiceless.

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